Sunday, July 14, 2019


1. Ingersoll Rand Long Barrel Air Hammer Kit

This is a comfortable air hammer and it's due to which the vibration the atmosphere hammer generally produces, reduces almost to half, feature. Anyway is more than any standard air hammer. What's more, the quick change retainer allows faster changeover and you can get the job done. There are numerous items available in the bundle like set, alter retainer, air hammer and the carrying case.
Ingersoll Rand Air Hammers

2. Ingersoll-Rand Short Barrel Air Hammer Kit

With this air hammer, you'll be receiving maximum relaxation as it includes all the anti-vibration technology. This is extremely effective and permits you to finish your job in a fast moment. Inside that, the chisel can alter . From the kit, you will find five-piece chisel set along with a fast change retainer. In addition, that has 15% more impact force when compared to conventional air hammers. It may give 3,500 blows in a moment and the vibration score is 7.5 meters in one second.
Ingersoll-Rand Air Hammers

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